Swot analysis of luxury brand

Every company, including yours, needs a brand platform to establish the brand and guide all branding and marketing decisions.

Swot analysis of luxury brand

Christian Dior has a strong legacy of over half a century and strong presence over various luxury avenues across the world with more than wholly owned points of sale.

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The brand has successfully forayed into all lifestyle product lines like perfumes, footwear, eyewear. The acquisition of Louis Vuitton one of the largest luxury firms in the world has been a great plus for the brand.

The concept stores by Christian Dior with each store having a unique theme gives the brand a unique identity 5. Strong brand name and reputation worldwide 6. Excellent branding and advertising through TVCs and print ads makes Christian Dior a popular brand name 7.

The fluctuations in the exchange rates of various countries can lead to loss of revenues for the brand 2. Tough competition means limited market share growth for Christian Dior and also replicas create a problem to brand identity Opportunities 1. Christian Dior can foray into online retailing which has proved to be an effective medium 2.

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As a prominent fashion brand it can focus on green initiatives which are gaining popularity among people 3. The brand can look to expand in emerging markets as there is growing demand for luxury products 4. Tie-ups with leading fashion houses and hotel chains can help Christian Dior reach out to the customers Threats 1.

Fake imitations can affect the business for Christian Dior 2.

Swot analysis of luxury brand

The foray of various designers into the field of exclusive wear is a threat to the brand 3. Global slowdown and recession can decline the luxury market Christian Dior Competition.Tesco Company Profile - SWOT Analysis: Tesco Plc has been forced to scale back its much-vaunted ambitions, disposing of large chunks of its.

SWOT is not only helpful but essential for the marketing department. Use of SWOT analysis in branding and marketing. A critical part of planning is to look at the existing business position and predicting how external factors may affect the business.

Businesses often conduct SWOT analysis to decide which marketing strategy tit should use. Christian Dior is a complete luxury lifestyle brand.

Christian Dior SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Below is the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Analysis of Christian Dior: 1. In addition to these local partnerships, Ford experiences significant success in China with its luxury Lincoln brand.

According to the company’s financial report [1], sales of its luxury vehicles tripled in China in This is The SWOT analysis of Forever Forever 21 is a specialty clothing retail store that is located in the USA headquartered in Los plombier-nemours.com clothing retail chain which sells its own clothing like under various labels under the nomenclature.


The specialty clothing store also deals right from kids to adults. Gucci is known to be the one of the top clothing, shoes and accessories brand. The founder of this brand is Guccio Gucci who founded his first shop in in Florence.

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