My main disappointment from watching the wizard of oz

The tale is almost certainly untrue, as Harlow died inbefore MGM had even purchased the rights to the story. The documentary The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Making of a Movie Classic states that Mervyn LeRoy was under pressure to cast Temple, then the most popular child star, but at an unofficial audition, MGM musical mainstay Roger Edens listened to her sing and felt that an actress with a different style was needed; a 50th anniversary documentary for the film suggested that Temple, then years-old, was slightly too young for the part. Actress Deanna Durbinwho was under contract to Universal Studioswas also considered for the part of Dorothy.

My main disappointment from watching the wizard of oz

In actuality, I had probably only performed a bastardized, dumbed down version and sang along with a chorus of my 5 year old classmates, but it felt like a big deal. And with that in mind, I would love to discuss 10 of my favorite moments from one of my favorite movies.

How her little voice transforms into this rich singing contralto is beyond me but ears in general are just better off for it. Tornado Over the Kansas Plains — The opening scenes with its sepia cinematography is just gorgeous.

My favorite shot is the wide view of the Gale farm as the tornado approaches. Follow the Yellow Brick Road — I love the scene as Dorothy tentatively starts her journey to Oz on the swirling start of the yellow brick road.

Dorothy Meets the Scarecrow — Just as her journey starts, Dorothy ponders which way to go along the yellow brick road and receives help from a scarecrow hanging in the corn field.

When I was a kid the physical humor bit of the Scarecrow pointing with twisted arms was so funny but now I still find it to be quite cute. I respect the love of a dog in a person. So my favorite singular action of Dorothy in this movie is when she slaps the Lion in the face when he is threatening not only her new friends, but her precious Toto.

Nothing makes the Lion seems more cowardly than little Dorothy being so brave. I love the way it changes the mood in an instant from jovial to panic.

I also happen to think Surrender Dorothy would be the name of my future fake band. To boot, when you think they are about to turn on her in rage you find out Dorothy actually made the flying monkeys and guards super happy because they never liked the Witch to begin with.

Toto Reveals the Wizard as a Fraud — Aw you sweet little dog. Toto spends the movie scampering about and chilling in a basket, but turns out to be vital with this reveal. The big scary smoky face of the Wizard is actually just covering for an old man with a few tricks up his sleeve.

The fun part is the cleverness of his gifts. Not so much actual hearts, brains, and courage but tokens of suggestion. A diploma, medal of courage, and ticking heart alarm clock seem to do the trick.

The writing during this scene is the best in the film as Frank Morgan rattles off line after line of quotable, complex, clever dialogue.

My main disappointment from watching the wizard of oz

As for you, my galvanized friend, you want a heart. Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable. But I still want one. Glinda explains that she had to go through all this to believe in herself, but it almost seems like the Good Witch just wanted Dorothy to do some dirty work.

Either way, it makes for an emotional goodbye before waking up in Kansas happy to be living on a farm with no desire to head outside those fences again. Not the best message for young girls, but heartwarming just the same.

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Any other Wizard of Oz lovers out there? What are your favorite scenes, shots, songs, or other moments from the film?Few films enjoy the cult status and enduring popularity like The Wizard of Oz.

This American musical fantasy by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) is considered one of the greatest cinema masterpieces in history. However, when it came to creating the movie, everything wasn’t rainbows and poppy fields. The Wonderful Wizard of oz Quote How can Such a Good Little Girl Like You Destroy All of My Beautiful Wickedness Pocket Watch Necklace by feng qing $ $ 6 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz an HBO classic Finally made its way to DVD/ Blu-Ray.

This is a Single disc with over 50 episodes and complete series of the show. It is in HD not full screen but very very clear. A timeless classic series for any L. Frank Baum fan, it includes The Wizard of Oz, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Ozma of OZ ect.

The first five novels in The Wizard of Oz were very enjoyable to read. Reading this really let my imagination expand to accept all of the interesting characters and places/5. The biggest effect seeing the new movie, Oz the Great and Powerful had on me was that I just really wanted to rewatch my childhood favorite The Wizard of Oz.I’ve seen it countless times and am in agreement with the majority of the film watching public that is it a remarkable classic.

Aug 15,  · Watch video · No matter how it is analyzed, scrutinized, or satirized, the production of THE WIZARD OF OZ is a top-notch example of how to turn a great story into a fabulous, milestone of a film.

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