Industrial policy resolution

It was a period when mostly agrarian, rural societies became industrial and urban.

Industrial policy resolution

U prepare a progress report on privatization activities; and k take back the possession of privatized enterprises. Chapter 7 Revenue and Financial Incentives 7. After that time, this facility will depend on what the government decides in this regard. However, tax holiday will not be applicable for extended units of industrial enterprises.

Imported machinery and spare parts will be exempt from payment of V AT subject to existing conditions.

Industrial policy resolution

In addition to other incentives schemes, activities of the Equity and Entrepreneurship Fund EEF will be intensified to give priority to entrepreneurs of under-developed areas and entrepreneurs of the BSCIC industrial enclaves in receiving loans from this fund.

If any items are illegally imported at a dumping price - a price that is unjustified and below the production costs, then with recommendations from the Bangladesh Tariff Commission, the anti-dumping law will be applied and Industrial policy resolution duty imposed. The principal amount and interests of these loans can be paid without the prior approval of the Bangladesh Bank 7.

They will be provided with the same facilities that are given to foreign investors in respect of making investments in Bangladesh.

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The role of SMEs in industrial revolution in the industrialized world was enormous, and this trend has continued to-date. The role of SMEs in generating investment, savings, profit, employment opportunities, export, regional industrialization and improvement of people's living standards as well as national development is very important.

To this end, forward linkage, backward linkage, value addition activities and productivity improvement should be accelerated in order to establish and expand SMEs in the manufacturing sector. On the other hand, specialized textile industries including garmentsbackward linkage industries, hand-operated welding, food processing and food linkage industries, leather, ceramics, light engineering including automobiles, basic metal engineering, small scale chemical engineering, rubber industries, paper printing and publishing industries, small fabrication industries, non-metal mineral products, batteries, electrical, electronics, handicrafts, agro-based industries, multilateral jute goods, silk industries, fruit processing, poultry farming, fisheries, tea-gardening and processing, vegetable seed farming, floriculture and agro-forestry, and printing industries, ginning and baling, construction industries, transportation including automobilescinema and photography, pathological laboratories, cold storage, furniture, computer industries, fast food, frozen food, etc, under service industries, and many other sectors are included in the SMEs.

To this end, the government has taken an initiative to draw up a separate SME policy with a view to providing necessary guidelines and strategic assistance in respect of establishing SMEs throughout the country. The guidelines and strategy incorporated in the relevant policies will be pursued in establishing and expanding SMEs of all kinds throughout the country.

Many other countries across the world are pursuing this concept. The setting up of special economic zones in Bangladesh considering the socioeconomic background and facilities available in various regions is equally important.

On the other hand, the labor-and creative working capacity of a great number of efficient people cannot be utilized because of lack of opportunity. Therefore, initiatives will be taken to establish and run industries profitably in special economic zones on the basis of facilities available in various regions so that unused land, human and other resources can be properly used.

Cluster villages can be set up in especial economic zones for industries such as leather industries, hosiery industries, small chemical industries paint, varnish, etcdyeing, printing and finishing, electronics, electrical goods, handicrafts, boutique, etc.

The objective is to establish good relations and understanding between all concerned parties workers, owners and the government in order to speed up productivity in all national economic activities, especially in the industrial field.

The aim is to continue a positive productivity enhancing effort in the industrial sector throughout the year. So, women's participation in the country's industrialization must be ensured on a wider scale Mobideo’s Industrial Workforce Management platform digitalizes complex and collaborative work processes, focused on owner-operators in asset-intensive ind.

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home >> incentives >> policies & approvals: Policies & Approvals: INDUSTRIAL POLICY – INDIA: The Industrial Policy Resolution of and the Statement on Industrial Policy of provide the basic framework for the overall industrial policy of the Government of India The industrial policy announced on 24th July, substantially dispensed with licensing, announced measures facilitating.

Main Features of Industrial Policy Resolution of ! In a short period of operation of the Industrial Policy, some significant changes took place in the economic and political spheres that called for changes in industrial policy as well.

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