Dnr research papers

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Dnr research papers

Overview[ edit ] The idea of using DNA as a construction material was first introduced Dnr research papers the early s by Nadrian Seeman. These shorter strands bind the longer in various places, resulting in the formation of a pre-defined two- or three-dimensional shape. This design is then fed into a computer program that calculates the placement of individual staple strands.

Dnr research papers

Each staple binds to a specific region of the DNA template, and thus due to Watson-Crick base pairingthe necessary sequences of all staple strands are known and displayed. The DNA is mixed, then heated and cooled.

As the DNA cools, the various staples pull the long strand into the desired shape. Designs are directly observable via several methods, including electron microscopyatomic force microscopyor fluorescence microscopy when DNA is coupled to fluorescent materials.

Since the creation of this method, software was developed to assist the process using CAD software.

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This allows researchers to use a computer to determine the way to create the correct staples needed to form a certain shape. The use of software has not only increased the ease of the process but has also drastically reduced the errors made by manual calculations.

Though DNA is not the natural choice for building active structures for nanorobotic applications, due to its lack of structural and catalytic versatility, several papers have examined the possibility of molecular walkers on origami and switches for algorithmic computing.

Researchers at the Harvard University Wyss Institute reported the self-assembling and self-destructing drug delivery vessels using the DNA origami in the lab tests.

The drug filled DNA tube is held shut by a DNA aptamerconfigured to identify and seek certain diseased related protein. Once the origami nanobots get to the infected cells, the aptamers break apart and release the drug.

The first disease model the researchers used was leukemia and lymphoma. The drug was non-covalently attached to DNA origami nanostructures through intercalation and a high drug load was achieved. The DNA-Doxorubicin complex was taken up by human breast adenocarcinoma cancer cells MCF-7 via cellular internalization with much higher efficiency than doxorubicin in free form.

The enhancement of cell killing activity was observed not only in regular MCF-7more importantly, also in doxorubicin-resistant cells.

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The scientists theorized that the doxorubicin-loaded DNA origami inhibits lysosomal acidification, resulting in cellular redistribution of the drug to action sites, thus increasing the cytotoxicity against the tumor cells. The constructed box was shown to have a unique reclosing mechanism, which enabled it to repeatedly open and close in response to a unique set of DNA or RNA keys.

The authors proposed that this "DNA device can potentially be used for a broad range of applications such as controlling the function of single molecules, controlled drug delivery, and molecular computing. As a proof of concept, the team injected various kinds of nanobots the curled DNA encasing molecules with fluorescent markers into live cockroaches.

By tracking the markers inside the cockroaches, the team found the accuracy of delivery of the molecules released by the uncurled DNA in target cells, the interactions among the nanobots and the control are equivalent to a computer system.

The complexity of the logic operations, the decisions and actions, increases with the increased number of nanobots. The team estimated that the computing power in the cockroach can be scaled up to that of an 8-bit computer. The DNA nanoparticles, each at about the size of a virion, are able to remain in circulation for hours after injected into mice.

It also elicits much lower immune response than the uncoated particles. It presents a potential use in drug delivery, reported by researchers in Wyss Institute at Harvard University. Researchers at the National Institute of Chemistry in Slovenia are working on using rational design of protein folding to create structures much like those seen with DNA origami.

The main focus of current research in protein folding design is in the drug delivery field, using antibodies attached to proteins as a way to create a targeted vehicle.DNA origami is the nanoscale folding of DNA to create non-arbitrary two- and three-dimensional shapes at the plombier-nemours.com specificity of the interactions between complementary base pairs make DNA a useful construction material, through design of its base sequences.

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