Criteria to choose college

College Admissions As a high school student, you might be overwhelmed and scared by the college search process. What college is right for me? To find a school that will truly make you happy, you have to be honest with yourself about what components will make up the most fulfilling college experience based on your interests and personality.

Criteria to choose college

You could choose one based on where you want to live, where your parents went to school, or even where your friends plan to attend. A metric is a measurement that is used to gauge the quality of an attribute, and essentially tells you if something is good or bad. For example, when you want to know if a movie is worth watching, you may look at movie reviews to see how many stars were given to the movie.

The same sort of principle can be used when choosing a college. What metrics should you analyze when trying to find the best college for you? Here are some ideas to get you started in the areas of academic life, student life, and financial factors.

Admission Rate Depending on how you performed in high school and on the SAT, you may want to apply to schools with higher or lower admission rates. If you aced everything in your academic history, you have a better chance for acceptance at the schools with lower admission rates.

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On the other hand, if your academic history is less than perfect, make sure you apply to some schools that have a higher admission rate, just in case. Graduation Rate Graduating from college is definitely more important than getting accepted.

When considering a college, review the percentage of students who complete the full program. Freshmen Retention Rate Another metric to consider is the freshmen retention rate, which explains what percentage of freshmen return for their sophomore year. A high retention rate indicates overall student satisfaction with their first year experience at that school.

It also indicates that few students failed their freshmen year, a crucial time for students trying to adjust to college life. Student to Faculty Ratio There were students in my very first class at the University of Florida.

Needless to say, I never actually got to meet the professor, or get any personal attention or help. Luckily, most of my other classes had fewer students.

School Size Even if the student to faculty ratio is reasonable, analyze the overall size of the school. This can play a huge role in your comfort level, and in how well you fit in. A large school may be overwhelming for some students, but a small school may be underwhelming for others.

Do you want to recognize everyone on campus, or do you want to have more privacy?

Criteria to choose college

Jobs Right Out of School If you worry about finding a job when you finish school, consider the percentage of students who receive a job right after graduation. Some schools have excellent job placement programs, assisting their students in making the transition from student to employee, and helping them find jobs after graduation.

Curriculum Different schools offer different programs with their curriculum. For example, as an Engineering student, I had a set of classes that I was required to take, with little deviation apart from electives.

Some other schools, such as Brown University, have a more open curriculum, allowing students to have much greater flexibility with the courses they take. Depending on your availability, you may need to choose a school that has those options.

Taking classes at night, on the weekends, or online, is also an excellent way to earn a graduate degree e. MBA business degree program To make sure you are getting the best possible education, you need to study with highly educated professors that not only have experience teaching, but also real-world skills.

Students in his class created a project that mimicked a project the professor had worked on for the city. Quality of Department of Study In addition to investigating the quality of professors, review the quality of the department for your area of study.

I majored in Industrial Engineering when I was in college, and it was important for me to attend a school with a well-established Engineering department. I wanted a program with a great reputation and impressive research opportunities, as opposed to a program that was mediocre or brand new.

It can also be frustrating, if the teaching assistant lacks teaching experience. If you hope to become a teaching assistant during graduate school or upon graduation, make sure to attend a school where you have the opportunity to work as a TA.

Study Abroad Opportunities Studying abroad is a unique opportunity that only a fraction of students get to experience.

How important is your major?

If you want to study abroad, consider how many study abroad programs are offered at a specific school, and which countries are included in the programs.

In addition, determine whether the university supports students who study abroad. Some schools make it extremely easy for students to study internationally by allowing them to transfer credits.Criteria for Choosing a College. On February 12, ; By Crystal; In Choosing A College, College Admissions Process, College Planning, College Success, Colleges; 0 If you’ve always wanted to be an engineer, then focusing on schools with strong engineering programs is a likely criteria.

Feb 21,  · How To Choose A College That's Right For You The college search doesn't have to begin and end with the Ivies and the name brand schools. Martha . 15 Things to Consider When Choosing a College Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

While there is a lot of information available to help you decide, knowing what to consider when choosing a college is crucial. Home > Career > Career Advice > Jobs Tips > Choosing a College That’s Right for You: A How-To Guide for College have to make.

So, how can this article help you? This article’s intent is to give you a framework that will help you choose the college that is right for piece of Develop a list of criteria you want to use to. How to Choose a College. Posted by Samantha Lindsay | Aug 7, AM.

College Admissions. Based on your answers to these questions, you can create more focused search criteria. If you know you want to be close to home, for example, just look at schools in your state. If you have a unique passion or talent, find schools that have. Get a step-by-step guide to using College Board's College Search.

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