Cctv installation in school

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Cctv installation in school

The truth is that the history of video surveillance is much more complex and goes back much farther than most people realize. If you consider video in the simplest of terms, video surveillance began with simple closed circuit television monitoring. As early asthere were press reports in the United States suggesting police use of surveillance cameras in public places.

The practice soon spread to other Cctv installation in school, with closed circuit television CCTV systems watched by officers at all times.


Analog beginnings spur video surveillance When video cassette recorders hit the market, video surveillance really hit its stride. Analog technology using taped video cassette recordings meant surveillance could be preserved on tape as evidence.

The seventies saw an explosion around the world in the use of video surveillance in everything from law enforcement to traffic control and divorce proceedings. England installed video surveillance systems in four major Underground Train Stations in and began monitoring traffic flow on major highway arteries about the same time.

Businesses that were prone to theft, including banks, mini-marts and gas stations, began mounting video surveillance systems as a deterrent and in hopes of apprehending thieves, particularly in high crime areas.

Private detectives were able to provide more graphic and compelling evidence of affairs and parental stupidity with film than with still shots, and video tapes became frequent evidence in family court.

The drawback in many cases was that after a while, owners and employees would become complacent and not change the tapes daily or the tapes would wear out after months of being re-used.

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There was also the problem of recording at night or in low light. These new cameras broadened the practical applications of video surveillance by allowing low light and night recording possible. When digital multiplexer units became affordable it revolutionized the surveillance industry by enabling recording on several cameras at once more than a dozen at time in most cases.

Digital multiplex also added features like time-lapse and motion-only recording, which saved a great deal of wasted videotape. Soon many countries are also using either CCTV or video taped surveillance to cover major sporting events that could be potential hot spots, including the World Cup Soccer games at Giants Stadium in Digital makes video surveillance faster, clearer, more efficient Digital video surveillance made complete sense as the price of digital recording dropped with the computer revolution.

The images recorded digitally were so much clearer than the often grainy images recorded with analog that recognition was immediately improved for police, private investigators and others utilizing video surveillance for identification purposes. With digital technology you could also manipulate the images to improve clarity even further by adding light, enhancing the image, zooming in on frames, etc.

The second wave of increased video surveillance corresponded with the emergence of digital in the United States. The nanny cam was a huge success, providing a way for parents to observe what nannies and housekeepers were really doing while at home with the kids.

The popularity of these cameras pushed the industry to develop ever-smaller, higher resolution cameras that could be hidden almost anywhere.

Cctv installation in school

The result was a boon to industry development, with new versions of digital video surveillance cameras coming out nearly every month. Where once people saw video surveillance as an issue that might never affect them, it was now an issue of immediate and lasting importance.

Software developers began refining programs that would enhance video surveillance, including facial recognition programs that could compare various key facial feature points in order to match recorded faces to known mug shots or photographs of terrorists or criminals.Singapore CCTV camera, CCTV cabling & security surveillance system special package for Singapore customers.

The Singapore CCTV System consist of network digital video recorder and CCTV security camera types such as dome, infrared, night vision, standard box camera.

From Singapore's CCTV . Singapore CCTV camera, CCTV cabling & security surveillance system special package for Singapore customers. The Singapore CCTV System consist of network digital video recorder and CCTV security camera types such as dome, infrared, night vision, standard box camera.

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