Cats and dogs bring joy and love into our lives

They are friendly, energetic, and playful pets. They're good with children and other animals, and, despite their strange appearance, they make warm and adorable cuddle buddies. However, many people don't know what they're getting into when they decide to get a Sphynx, which ironically need more care than most cats because of their hairlessness.

Cats and dogs bring joy and love into our lives

Contact us Thank you for visiting our site. All other dogs are either reserved or recently re-homed. Please visit out Facebook page for news and updates on ALL of our rehomed dogs: Sox - nearly 7 months old Pointer mix puppy boy -being fostered in Devon with teenagers, visiting toddlers and 4 dogs.

The puppies love to play with Leo, their daddy.

He was rehomed by us two months ago, but sadly returned due to the resident dog not accepting himwhich was really sad for the family -they were devastated ,but they did not want to put Sox at risk after their dog attacked him, which resulted in Sox having stitches in his face.

Sox is not affected in anyway by what has happened - he still loves other dogs, and has settled so well in his foster home. Video below of him at the walk https: Video of him with his foster daddy https: If you feel you are the right home for Sox please email us at starfishdogrescue hotmail.

Ludo - 6 years old Pointer x Lab mix Not sure how it happened, but this lovely boy missed the boat as a puppy being homed, although his siblings did ,and unfortunately he now has leishmania which makes him nearly impossible to home in the UK - I am hoping by sharing his story he may get a foster home in Spain, or someone somewhere will offer to take him who is the right match for him.

He is fab with other dogs, and people, and this is a genuine plead for a dog that is shutting down and wants the love of a family - he is a lovely dog and I hope this helps him. But below is a link to a very good article about it.Forgotten cats - a cat and kitten adoption and re-release program.

We trap, spay neuter, and release stray cats, feral cats, and homeless cats. We are a humane, no-kill organization. This isn’t the greatest photo in the world, but I wanted to show Martha chomping on an apple.

Sheep LOVE apples, and right now Martha, Barbie and the lambs are all eating grass (from the front yard, best grass on the farm, courtesy of Will who can reliably keep them herded away from the road), a corn/oat mix, high quality alfalfa hay and lots of apples.

Dugan is a goofy, year old, black Great Dane who is about lbs but steadily gaining weight.

Cats and dogs bring joy and love into our lives

This silly boy is all puppy still and while he was kept outside up until now he is very much enjoying the finer comforts of living indoors. Thank you for visiting our site. Please note that any dogs, or cats, still looking for homes will be at the top of the page, and are also listed below.

Cats and dogs bring joy and love into our lives

Our Wonderful Dogs. We find most of our dogs in local shelters and pounds where they have run out of time to be reclaimed or adopted, and are in danger of being euthanized. I write this not in anger but in desperation.

If you adopt a safe rescue dog then you sign a form agreeing to use a slip lead. Just taking the dog home on a slip lead then changing it to anything else is not what you agreed to and not what we asked of you when we entrusted our dog to you.

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