Business plan market research questionnaire formulation

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Business plan market research questionnaire formulation

The male and female split will then be in proportion to the age groupings, according to the actual population percentages.

So the final quota sample will be according to sex and age. Suppose a seller of tractors wishes to measure a population with respect to the percentage. Generally, then, for percentages, the sample size may be calculated using: Analytical techniques for researching international market: Besides the usual descriptive data analysis methods, there are a number of other techniques which can be used in analysing market potential.

Statistics can be obtained from in country sources. Describe the relationship between demand for goods and changes in income.

business plan market research questionnaire formulation

This could, for example, show what could happen to the demand for basic agricultural products, if income rises. In theory, it should decline. If Zimbabwe, for example, introduces a new form of tobacco drying, it is likely the other tobacco producing countries around it will do the same.

One of these methods is analogy. There are two ways of using this technique, one is by cross sectional comparison, the other by time series analysis. Cross sectional analysis assumes that a factor which correlates with demand in country A could be translated to country B.

Time analysis is a similar technique but adds the time dimension, very similar to the estimate of the stage in the international life cycle.

One USA chemical company found that soup consumption was the only reliable index forecasting sales in Asia.

Time Series Analysis for Business Forecasting

There are limitations to the analysis. These include whether the two countries can really be compared, whether technical or social developments have led to a leapfrogging of the product under consideration, and whether the difference between potential and actual demand which could depend on other factors like price, adaptability etc.

Comparative analysis, say between countries on intracompany, intercompany, national - subnational markets can be useful for estimating potential demand. It is not unreasonable, say, to compare Zambia and Tanzania.

Computer packages exist to cluster similarities and differences between countries which may show factors which could be common and therefore potential markets. Such packages include multidimensional or clustering techniques.

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MFIs indirectly measure potential demand, using variables that either intuition or statistical analysis suggest can be closely correlated with the potential demand for the product under review. Variables should be restricted to those which relate to product demand and these may be GNP, net national income or total population.

In assessing the demand for coffee appliances, for example, an index which includes coffee drinkers and type of coffee consumed would be useful. A very useful and powerful tool.

The procedure selects the independent variable that accounts for the most variance in the dependent variable, then the variable that accounts for the remaining variance etc. Often multiple regression is needed as a single variable will not do.

Predictions are often made on market demand for products based on what would happen if GNP were increased. As seen earlier, an increase in GNP could be good for luxury or durable goods but not basic commodities.

However, high GNP per capita, may be a good predictor of, say, exotic high value horticultural produce, out of season produce or technological advanced agricultural machinery.

Location of research facility It is always a burning question as to where to locate the research, in-country or "at home". In general the more "distant" the country, the better it is to locate the research in-country. Surveillance techniques could, on the other hand, be mainly conducted at home.

Budget Preparation and Implementation (Case study Dire Dawa city municipality) : Mikeleaks

The following case shows what happened to the Tanzanian sisal industry due, in part, to the lack of a global intelligence facility. Basically, it failed to take account of the shrink in demand for sisal fibre in Western Europe.

Many sisal mills were being dosed because of the fact that they were old and labour intensive hence uneconomicand the: Sisal was brought into Tanzania by a German Agronomist, Dr.

Richard Hingdorf in and the first estates were established in Tanga and Morogoro regions. British and Asians, although a number of Germans re-acquired their estates from onwards.Moya K. Mason is a professional freelance researcher, book researcher, research consultant, fact checker, writer, editor, information scientist, and project manager.

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