Are electronic medical records a cure

Permitted purposes for uses and disclosures. A covered entity may use or disclose a limited data set under paragraph e 1 of this section only if the covered entity obtains satisfactory assurance, in the form of a data use agreement that meets the requirements of this section, that the limited data set recipient will only use or disclose the protected health information for limited purposes. A data use agreement between the covered entity and the limited data set recipient must: A Establish the permitted uses and disclosures of such information by the limited data set recipient, consistent with paragraph e 3 of this section.

Are electronic medical records a cure

Ultra Microscopes and Cure Rays: Living out our days in the joyous sunshine, we rarely choose to glimpse full-faced into the horrid visage of disease as physicians so often do. Perhaps it is pain, perhaps fear. Despite our willful ignorance, hideous armadas of pathogens march through all nations unhindered.

These insidious enemies wage their continual war against the human condition, with a cruel and merciless deliberation. Pride and wealth cannot keep these legions away.

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They are deadly, having no conscience or allegiance. They are the universal enemy of humankind, a relentless foe. It is a wonder that nations have not surrendered their petty personal feuds long enough to recognize the common specter. Joining our best forces to defeat this dread army long ago would have secured major victories for all of humanity.

It has therefore fallen to the sensitive and impassioned few who seek alone, armed with vision and swords of light. The independent medical crusaders enter the battle alone. Their names are seldom seen in major journals any longer.

Their private research forever dangles on gossamer threads of grants and endless bureaucratic labyrinths.

Are electronic medical records a cure

Yet, these are the ones, the men and women who make the discoveries from which cures are woven. They often live on shamefully minuscule budgets, preferring to pour out their personal funds into the work. They are the seekers. They are always close on the brink of a possible new development.

One never knows when such will come. The important thing is that they are prepared, and wait in prepared chambers for the gracious and providential revelations upon which humanity depends.

Theirs is the excitement of the chase. Their quest is "the breakthrough". They are the ones who fill little lab rooms, closet spaces, which line university hallways.

Their intuitive vision has guided them into research alleys, which are too small for the big concerns of profiteering medical agendas. If these researchers are fortunate, they find an impassioned patron. Perhaps the patron is a sensitive one, whose life has been touched with the sting of tragedy.Oregon Health Authority Helping people and communities achieve optimum physical, mental and social well-being.

An electronic health record (EHR), or electronic medical record (EMR), is the systematized collection of patient and population electronically-stored health information in a digital format. These records can be shared across different health care settings.

Records are shared through network-connected, enterprise-wide information systems or other information networks and exchanges.

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Even after the medical field has expanded greatly; still, no progress have been made in the field of cancer. May 15,  · The medical field has always brought together the best and brightest of society to help those in need.

Are electronic medical records a cure

From treating cancer and delivering babies to dealing with heart attacks, doctors have.

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